Quartz for Allergy Relief

Quartz for Allergy Relief

With seasonal allergies in full swing now, here is a simple Quartz gemstone treatment you can try at home to help relieve the symptoms.

Quartz gemstone revitalizes and strengthens the functions of your respiratory system, which includes the lungs, sinuses, larynx, trachea, diaphragm and intercostal muscles. It supports the healing of respiratory allergies, flu, common cold, congestion, lung tightness and sinus infection. It can also help with easing the symptoms of chronic lung conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or pneumonia. It can also be helpful for laryngitis, sleep apnea, and irregular breathing.


  • 2 optical-quality, Quartz gemstone spheres. For Quartz gems to be of therapeutic-quality, choose Quartz spheres that have no incisions, cuts or murky streaks in them.

  • Cloth medical tape

  • Sunlight


  1. Locate the left and right windows of the respiratory system. (Figure 1)

  2. Under direct sunlight, circle in with the Quartz sphere and tape it to the right window.

  3. Rest and bask under the sun for 20-mins.

  4. After 20-mins, under direct sunlight, circle in with the Quartz sphere and tape it to the left window.

  5. Rest and bask under the sun for another 20-mins.

  6. After a total of 40-mins, remove both Quartz spheres and cleanse them under running water.

  7. Repeat this procedure daily, until symptoms improve.


Figure 1 - Locations of the left and right respiratory windows.
(1) Locate the clavicle bones on the left and right sides.
(2) find the natural indentations adjacent to the left and right shoulders.

How does it work and what are windows of the respiratory system? 

For every functional system in the body (circulatory, digestive, immune system), there are windows to the system. In classical Chinese medicine, these windows are known as Mu or alarm points (as written in the Huangdi Neijing, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic from 400 BCE). Though these windows have anatomical locations, they are better known through their functions. Which is to act like portals to facilitate the access and transmission of information in and out of a functional body system.

For example, the right window of the respiratory system supports a healthy liver-lung relationship. It encourages the liver to flush itself of toxins, helps prevent and heal allergies and sensitivities, and supports the healing of a respiratory infection. (This is why, in the protocol above, we start with the right respiratory window for allergy symptoms). The left window supports a healthy heart-lung relationship. In classical Chinese medicine, the Heart does not only refer to the anatomical heart, but also the Spirit-Heart, which focuses on connection, relationships and clear communication through speech with others. (You can start with the right window first if this is your primary focus for the therapy. ) However, to get a complete treatment of the entire respiratory system, we eventually work with both the right and left windows. (This is why, the protocol eventually involve both windows that are tapped with the 2 Quartz spheres).


As Quartz brings more life energy to your respiratory system, you may find that following the treatment protocol above may ease respiratory symptoms and infections heal more quickly. In cases of acute conditions, you may notice improvement within a few minutes or hours. Chronic conditions may improve gradually, over days and weeks.  


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