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What is Triple Warmer Clinic?
Established in 2018 by Drs Adrianne Sebastian, Mary Fu and Michelle Yan, Triple Warmer Clinic is a direct integrative primary care clinic located in Portland, Oregon.

What is direct integrative primary care?
Direct integrative primary care is a membership-based practice that operates independently of insurance companies. We work with you directly, providing 30 – 60 minutes unhurried and personalized primary care visits, as well as monthly comprehensive preventive medicine treatments. For a low monthly fee, you will receive an unparalleled level of care and personal attention to assist with the prevention and management of chronic and auto-immune conditions.

Does Triple Warmer Clinic count as health insurance under the Affordable Care Act?
No, we do not. You may still need a qualifying health insurance plan.

Does Triple Warmer Clinic accept insurance or Medicare?
We do not. Triple Warmer Clinic care is separate from your insurance or Medicare benefits. However, we can provide a Superbill and coordinate your care with providers (lab, x-ray, specialists, and others) that will bill to your insurance or Medicare. We recommend that our members carry emergency insurance at a minimum to cover unforeseen situations.

If I already have insurance, will enrolling in Triple Warmer Clinic still benefit me?
Yes. Especially if you have high-deductible, emergency care insurance. Triple Warmer Clinic provides unlimited primary care visits, so even if you only have a cold or non-emergency medical need — you can have 24/7 access to your doctor for the latest medical advice, prescriptions, herbal remedies and treatment recommendations. In addition, investing in receiving monthly preventive care treatments, such as acupuncture and nutritional counseling, goes a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy without the need to use your catastrophic care insurance or pay into your deductible.

What services are included in my membership?
The fee covers all office visits, blood draws, select basic labs, monthly preventive care visits, and in-house office procedures. You receive a discount on supplements, herbal remedies, labs and additional treatments. It provides you with a personal physician who is dedicated to your health and is interested in you as a person. It also gives you 24/7 access to your physician.

Are medications, supplements, herbs included?
No. We will write prescriptions for you, though you will need to check whether it will be covered by your insurance. Otherwise, you may purchase the medications, supplements, and herbs at a discounted member rate.

Are lab tests covered?
Generally, no. We do perform free blood draws in-office as a courtesy and added convenience to our members. In addition, some basic labs may be covered as a courtesy to our members who need financial assistance. However, we offer a generous discount on all labs for our cash-paying members that makes lab-testing affordable even without insurance, and we will never order unnecessary labs. If you have insurance, we can coordinate your care with providers that can bill to your insurance or Medicare.

What about pre-existing conditions?
We treat and accept people with pre-existing conditions. Preventive healthcare treatments such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy and other natural healthcare remedies can also be helpful in managing and alleviating symptoms with minimal side effects.

Do you treat chronic pain?
Yes. We treat people suffering from chronic pain with a variety of interventions (such as acupuncture, cupping, hydrotherapy, bodywork, lifestyle and nutritional counseling). However, narcotic regimens are only managed by pain specialists. We do not prescribe narcotics.

What if I need to see a specialist?
Triple Warmer Clinic will refer you to our network of professionals for specialized services.

Will you see my whole family?
Yes! Triple Warmer Clinic has family physicians to provide care for children aged 5 years and older.

How quickly can I see a doctor once I sign up?
It depends on when you enroll as a member. We have limited enrollment periods throughout the year. Once enrolled, you will be able to schedule visits within a week’s time.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel membership at anytime with a 2-week cancellation notice. Unfortunately, any initiation fees you pay are not refundable. Our semi-annual and annual memberships require a 3 month commitment.

What if I have other questions that are not answered here? Call us anytime during business hours at 503-878-8890 to speak directly with one of our doctors, or email us by clicking “Contact Us” below!

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