Dr. Michelle Yan, DSOM, LAc.


she/her pronouns

Michelle believes in seeing her patients from the perspective of wholeness. As she listens to the patient’s perspective on what is bothersome about their current state of health, she anchors a space of unconditional acceptance and compassion from her heart. She holds a vision of wellness and healing for the patient, until they are able to see it and access it for themselves.

During the session she enlists all the physical senses because she believes that healing is about embodying "spirit within matter." Using only the highest-quality tools, she has sourced and tested, Michelle communicates the impulse of healing and alignment to the body. Each session is crafted and personalized to meet the particular needs of the patient within the very specific space and time of the treatment session. Therefore, no two treatment sessions are the same. When the session is complete patients will emerge shining and radiating within their inner-light. They will feel a sense of connectedness to their deep, unlimited resources and enthused about re-engaging with the world. 


Dr. Michelle Yan is certified with the Oregon Medical Board and NCCAOM as a doctor of oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturist. She graduated with honors from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), the oldest natural medicine college in the country. She had clinical shifts at the cancer infusion ward at the Providence hospital, and at the family health community clinics in OHSU (Richmond), Asian Health Services, Clackamas county, and in NUNM.

Michelle is also a healthcare interpreter and practices bilingually (Mandarin/English). Her other interests and training include meditation, health coaching and counseling, Chinese medicine symbol science and movement practices such as qigong and dance meditation. 

Michelle specializes in the use of classical Chinese medicine (herbs, acupuncture, tuning forks, essential oils, cups, guasha, gemstones, symbol science) to treat chronic pain, adjunctive cancer care, psycho-emotional stress and anxiety.